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BapMoney Has Been Launched!
Published on 22-11-2020

Hello All,


Our sister site BapMoney has been launched!

Thank you for your support.


Best Regards,


BapCash YouTube Video Competition
Published on 09-11-2020

Hello All,

YouTube videos now have an important place in our lives. As BapCash, we are aware of this and we want to offer you the opportunity to earn with YouTube videos 

You can earn rewards from us with promotional videos, guide videos or kind of intro videos about BapCash.

Depending on the quality of the video and the potential of the channel to watch, you can win up to 10,000 BAP reward which is worth to $5 

Come on then, we look forward to your videos. Share them from here! 

@ Information:
- The reward can be at least 200 BAP and at most 10,000 BAP.
- You can use your own language, but the reward will be lower. Preferably the videos should be in English.
- Guide videos should be at least 3 minutes. Your reward increases according to the quality of the information provided.
- Copy videos taken by someone else will be disqualified.
- Every user can participate only with 1 video.

BapCash Growing!
Published on 12-07-2020

Hello Everyone!

I want to inform you about the status of our site 

We are using 2 advertising companies with the current situation and the results we have achieved are very successful! Apart from that, the interest in site ads is also sufficient. As you know, we shape group earnings according to the investment status of the site. I can easily say that our site has a structure that can provide stability.

As we mentioned before, we attach importance to the Offerwall section. Currently there are 17 options actively, and we are working to add more. Our members' Offerwalls interest is very good and we sure that will increase more.

We would like to thank our members who supported us 
BapCash continues on its way at full speed!

Top 15 Offerwall Table and Monthly Bonus
Published on 24-06-2020

Hello All,

As we promised, we continue to make improvements in the offerwall area. We are pleased to present you the Top 15 Table, which you can see in most sites that have made a name in this sector, and the opportunity to earn monthly BAP bonuses 
You also have the opportunity to see the history of your offers.

As BapCash, we are improving day by day with the support of our members 
You not a BapCash member yet? So, what are you waiting for! 

If you earn more than 1000 BAP from the Offerwalls, you will be able to get up to 40% Bonus for your Offerwall Earnings. Yes, you have not heard wrong... You can get up to 40% of your earnings as a bonus! 

Earn 1000 BAP to get 5% Bonus
Earn 2000 BAP to get 10% Bonus
Earn 5000 BAP to get 15% Bonus
Earn 10.000 BAP to get 20% Bonus
Earn 20.000 BAP to get 25% Bonus
Earn 50.000 BAP to get 30% Bonus
Earn 100.000 BAP to get 40% Bonus

BapCash Top 15 Table: Click Here

* Bonuses will be credited when the Top 15 Table reset at the end of the month

Beware of DollarBaps!
Published on 22-06-2020

Hello All,

Unfortunately, I realized that there is a site that copies us. This site named DollarBaps publishes all kinds of our content, forum topics, and even our messages on topics by copying them exactly 

This site has no any connection with us and I suggest you stay away and beware of them.

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