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BapCash Improvements and ChangeLog

Started by Admin 2020-06-20 at 00:27
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Hello All,

As we mentioned earlier, we are here not to repeat the mistakes of the other sites which we used similar script. We will keep this site alive as like other BAP system sites which are stable. Based on this, I would like to share the improvements and changes made with you.

# 1 - We solved the daily double level gain problem.
As you know, one of the problems of this script was that the ads of different levels could be viewed on the same day.

I know there is some people who doing this trick by staying in two level range. This is not your fault, was ours. But now, we fixed that and users only can view for their own level ads after server reset time.

# 2 - We will offer you more ways of earning.
Nowadays, offerwall has an important place in this industry, as most sites doing. As we know that, trying to add as many offerwall as we can. New ones will be added over time and various bonuses and incentives will be made. In addition, visual and technical improvements will be added in this area.

# 3 - Variable Group Earnings by BapCash financial situation.
As you know, other BAP system sites change their group earnings according to the financial situation of the site. This is the most important feature that makes them stable. For this reason, as BapCash, we will implement it as like other sites.

Daily earnings amount of the groups will vary according to the status of the site. In this case, there may be an increase or decrease. Don't forget to check the Group Earnings page daily to follow:

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You really dissappointed me. How can I recover the money that was in the previous site?
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Quote: GoddardImbogo
You really dissappointed me. How can I recover the money that was in the previous site?

I've repeated this many times before. We do not have any connection with previous sites. We only use similar script. We are not the ones who cheat you and we cannot do anything about it.
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